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Country Leaflet

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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/LAO/3903 Technical support to the National SDG Secretariat to further enhance stakeholder engagement for SDG localization, monitoring and reporting 2023 2024300,000$
TCP/LAO/3902 Strengthened capacity for planning and development of the Tea Master Plan 2022 2024339,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/LAO/036/USA Global Health Security (GHS) Project - Technical assistance for animal health systems to address emerging and priority zoonotic diseases and health threats in Lao PDR 2023 2024410,000$
GCP /LAO/11399P/LDF Climate Change Adaptation in Floodplains of Lowland Laos (PPG) 2024 2025150,000$
GCP /LAO/034/JPN The project for Enhancement of Livelihood Resilience in Rural Areas 2023 20261,497,018$
GCP /LAO/027/LDF Climate Smart Agriculture alternatives for upland production systems in Lao PDR (FSP) 2021 20263,502,968$
GCP /LAO/032/GCR Resilient COVID-19 recovery and transformational pipeline development to boost climate actions in ag 2021 2024506,912$
GCP /LAO/030/ROK Integrated Programme for Climate Resilience and Empowerment in Attapeu Province, Lao PDR?Building Climate-Resilient and Eco-Friendly Agriculture Systems and Livelihoods in Attapeu 2020 20241,782,178$