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TCP/SSD/3901 Technical support for improved food security through capacity development for livestock trade and the control of livestock diseases in South Sudan 2022 2024500,000$
TCP/SSD/3802 Forest Ecosystem Enhancement to Reduce GHG Emission and Improve Community Resilience in South Sudan 2020 2022500,000$
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OSRO/SSD/203/USA 2022 Emergency Livelihood Response Programme (ELRP) in South Sudan 2022 20236,000,000$
OSRO/SSD/206/CHA Life-saving emergency livelihood support to flood- affected agro-pastoralist communities in Unity State 2022 2022400,000$
OSRO/SSD/210/CHA 2022 Life-saving Emergency Livelihood Response in South Sudan 2022 20221,800,000$
OSRO/SSD/110/SWE Increase the resilience of the most vulnerable households, especially those headed by women, in the 2021 20246,272,870$
OSRO/SSD/105/EC Strengthening the Resilience of Rural Communities in South Sudan 2021 20234,854,368$
OSRO/SSD/011/CAN Mitigating the Effects of Covid-19 to protect food security and livelihoods of vulnerable households 2021 20222,369,273$
OSRO/SSD/109/CHU Support for people affected by food insecurity in IPC 4 and 5 areas. 2021 2022499,851$
OSRO/SSD/906/NET Fisher Community Resilience Enhancement Project (FICREP) 2020 20245,000,000$
OSRO/SSD/007/CEF Support the implementation of Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring Survey Rounds 26- 29 2020 2023400,000$
OSRO/SSD/006/SWI Strengthening the preparedness of vulnerable communities to climate shocks and natural disasters in South Sudan 2020 20221,062,699$
OSRO/SSD/801/EC South Sudan Rural Development: Strengthening Smallholders/ Resilience / SORUDEV SSR 2019 20232,277,200$
OSRO/SSD/709/USA Sustainable Agriculture for Economic Resiliency (SAFER) Project in South Sudan 2017 202236,538,925$
OSRO/SSD/509/UK Building Resilience through Asset Creation and Enhancement - Phase Two (BRACE II) 2016 202211,271,870$
UTF /SSD/022/SSD Program to build resilience for Food and Nutrition Security in the Horn of Africa- ADF Pillar 2022 202726,912,603$
UTF /SSD/023/SSD Program to build resilience for Food and Nutrition Security in the Horn of Africa- TSF Pillar 2022 20277,150,044$
UTF /SSD/020/SSD South Sudan Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods Project- RALP (P169120) 2022 202658,160,000$
UTF /SSD/017/SSD Agricultural Market Value Addition and Trade Development Project (Results 1 - ADF Funding) 2021 20257,797,300$
UTF /SSD/018/SSD Agricultural Market Value Addition and Trade Development Project (Result 2 TSF ) 2021 20256,302,700$
UNJP/SSD/021/PBF Community Action for Peaceful Resolution of Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Disputes and Conflicts 2021 20241,220,000$
UNJP/SSD/024/IOM UN Joint Program for Strengthening Inclusive Social Cohesion and Economic Resilience in Abyei 2021 2023975,345$
UNJP/SSD/015/UNJ Mitigating cattle-related violence in the Tri-State Border Areas of Tonj, Gogrial, and Wau 2019 20223,500,000$