Country Leaflet

SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
TCP/UKR/3803 Enhancement of the national phytosanitary system 2022 2023150,000$
TCP/UKR/3802 Emergency assistance to enhance preparedness for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak in Ukraine 2021 2023300,000$
SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
OSRO/UKR/016/JPN Reducing the impact of Conflict on the Food Security and Livelihoods of Rural Households and Smallholder Farmers in Eastern Ukraine 2023 20245,250,000$
OSRO/UKR/019/CHA Restoring livelihoods and revitalizing rural communities affected by mines and explosive remnants of war 2023 20243,900,000$
OSRO/UKR/020/FRA Strengthening Food and Nutrition Security in Rural Communities Impacted by War Through Increased Household Production 2023 20242,152,853$
OSRO/UKR/023/LUX Safeguarding livestock production and repairing livestock shelter to protect food security and livelihoods in conflict-affected rural areas of Ukraine 2023 20241,095,290$
OSRO/UKR/015/NOR Emergency seed support to sustain food security and the livelihoods of conflict-affected smallholder farmers in Ukraine 2023 20234,036,734$
OSRO/UKR/017/JPN Emergency seed support for conflict-affected smallholder farmers in Ukraine 2023 20235,000,000$
OSRO/UKR/022/USA Strengthening Coordination of Humanitarian Food Security and Livelihoods Response Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring; and Food Security Assessment in Eastern Ukraine 2023 2023300,000$
OSRO/UKR/217/IRE Emergency livelihood support to rural households in conflict-affected Ukraine 2023 2023747,757$
OSRO/UKR/218/GER Emergency livelihood and energy assistance for vulnerable farmers and small/medium-scale agro-processing industries in newly accessible and other conflict-affected areas of Ukraine. 2023 20239,594,883$
OSRO/UKR/211/CAN Grain storage support for Ukrainian farms 2022 202440,123,457$
OSRO/UKR/204/JPN Emergency Grant Aid for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and neighboring countries 2022 20233,000,000$
OSRO/UKR/207/FRA Emergency Agricultural Livelihood Support to Conflict Affected Households in Ukraine 2022 20232,111,932$
OSRO/UKR/208/CHA Scaling Up Critical Seasonal Support to Agriculture Producers Ukraine 2022 20232,381,755$
OSRO/UKR/209/JPN Supply Chain Recovery for the Export of Grain from Ukraine 2022 202317,000,000$
OSRO/UKR/213/GER Strengthening Animal Health in Ukraine 2022 20235,144,034$
OSRO/UKR/214/MDF Grain Storage Support for Ukraine Farms 2022 20233,000,000$
OSRO/UKR/216/CHA Meeting Critical Rural Household Food Production and Livelihoods Needs in Conflict-Affected Oblasts in Ukraine 2022 20234,999,949$
GCP /UKR/021/EC Inclusive, competitive and sustainable value chain functioning and development in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors 2023 20255,946,226$
GCP /UKR/012/EC Inclusive, competitive and sustainable value chain development in agriculture, fisheries and forestry 2021 202515,592,895$
UNFA/UKR/011/UND Eastern Ukraine Rehabilitation of Agriculture Sector 2018 20235,624,175$