Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics (CWP)
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Classifications and Metadata Standards
Methodological standards
 Gross value of production The gross value of the production is normally collected together with production quantity statistics and the value is optimally collected at the farm-gate level (IMF 2014), that is, the value per unit (price) of the product at... More
 Total revenue Total revenue is composed of several variables. Gross sales of the aquaculture production part of the core variables (refer above). Direct subsidies - including direct payments; excluding social benefit payments and indirect subsidies e.g. reduced duty on inputs... More
 Total costs Total costs is composed of several variables. Cost data can be obtained from the financial records of the aquaculture operation or enterprises and these data are mostly difficult to obtain. Even when such data are available, they are... More
 Capital value Capital value includes two key components: the value of physical capital (depreciation or historical value) and the non-tangible assets. More
 Retained catch: Estimated component of the catch which is retained on board during a fishing trip (refer catch concept diagram). An estimate of the retained catch is reported as total live weight of fish retained and in some fisheries the... More
  Nominal catch (also referred to as nominal landings): Landed weight converted to a live weight basis often by use of a conversion factor. Nominal catch is often referred to as the live weight equivalent of the landed weight or... More
  Discarded catch: Estimated component of the catch which is the total live weight of undersized, unsaleable or otherwise undesirable whole fish and other aquatic organisms which are discarded at the time of the capture or shortly afterwards (refer catch... More
  Bycatch: Component of the catch which represents non-targeted fish associated with the catch of the target species or group towards which fishing effort is directed, or other aquatic organisms taken incidentally during the course of fishing (e.g. birds, mammals,... More
 All countries or areas have official and formal designations, many of which are not well suited for use in statistical databases and publications, particularly in tabulations and graphs. These designations are therefore often simplified. The list of countries or areas... More
 Until recently the development at the international level of harmonized statistics on the number of fishers has been neglected. This is almost certainly due to the fact that, generally speaking, until about 20 years ago there was little effort at... More
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