Digital Villages Initiative in Asia and the Pacific


Stories from the field

VIET NAM | Viet Nam Digital Village Initiative

Showcasing the benefits of digital agricultural practices for smallholder farmers livelihoods in Viet Nam.

KOREA | The Future of Agriculture in the Republic of Korea

Unfolding the Republic of Korea's journey in agricultural digitization and FAO’s vital role through the Digital Village Initiative for positive transformation...

BANGLADESH | Achieving better production in Asia-Pacific through digital agriculture

This short video looks at how a cooperative-run Digital Village Service Centre in Lahiri Mohanpur in rural Bangladesh is promoting innovation and connectivity.

INDONESIA | Transforming agrifood systems through digitalization in rural Indonesia

West Java is known as one of the most progressive province in Indonesia to apply digitalization in rural areas as we learn from two examples located...

SAMOA | Long Distance Vanilla

Passionate organic vanilla producer, Shelly Burich from Samoa shows how online technology helped her business recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

BANGLADESH | Digital village centers empower farmers

FAO and Bangladesh’s Departments of Agricultural Extension are training farmers to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to achieve...

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