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Digital Village Readiness Assessment Tool

A village-level survey instrument based on the Digital Village Readiness Approach

The Digital Village Readiness Assessment tool (DVRA) provides the baseline information on the village across multiple actors from users, technology developers, service providers, local leaders, and other enablers. The survey-based tool generates information on basic infrastructure, demand and needs for digital innovations and services, feasible and achievable digital solutions and services, deployment modalities, including economic business models, local ownership and co-development, and management of digital services at the village or local community level.

Digital Village Readiness Assessment tool


Test Pilot Countries

FAO and national partners are currently conducting the Digital Village Assessment Tool in ten countries in Asia and the Pacific countries. The selection of villages for the assessment is made in the context of government initiatives, digitalization programmes, or FAO-supported projects. We are highlighting 2 country cases below:

  • DVRA in Bangladesh

    In Bangladesh, a total of 30 villages were designated for DVR assessment. Ten were selected from the FAO-Missing Middle Initiative Project, which supports farmers' organizations. And 20 other villages were chosen by A2i in consultation with local authorities. DVR assessments aim to collect baseline information to :
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for enhanced digital innovations in villages currently serviced by virtual call centers.
  • Inform on gaps and opportunities for rural women to improve access to digital services and make recommendations for digital literacy and expanded capacity for women's digital inclusion.
  • The DVE assessment of the digital villages is conducted by FAO with the support of the Government-affiliated Aspire 2 Innovate group.
  • DVRA in Thailand

In Thailand, ten digital villages were designated in coordination with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) for assessment. These villages are at the stage of piloting specific digital innovations supported by DEPA. The DVRA tool is conducted through FAO and Kasetsart University collaboration. Here are examples of digital villages covered by the DVE assessment:

  • Ban Mai digital village – The village farmers group is co-managing a drone in rice and vegetable growing and is developing a business plan for drone management.
  • Khlong Song- Members of the Association of Physically Handicapped are using IoT technology to facilitate vegetable growing in a greenhouse setting
  • Village 491-Chumphon province – villagers are piloting a traceability application for Durian production, including reporting on Good Agricultural Practices and Harvest scheduling. 

The findings will be discussed with DEPA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives as a guide to enhanced digitalization support for Thai agriculture.

The DVRA Tool is also being test-piloted in Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam.

E-Agriculture Strategy Guide

The E-agriculture strategy guide is an attempt to provide countries with a framework to develop their national e-agriculture strategies. E-agriculture strategies will help to rationalize both financial and human resources, and address ICT opportunities for the agricultural sector in a more holistic and efficient manner. This will help improve the livelihoods of rural communities and stakeholders involved in agriculture and rural development.

e-agriculture guide from FAO & ITU, 2016.
E-Agriculture Strategy Guide
Piloted in Asia-Pacific Countries
FAO & ITU, 2016 
[PDF-9.48 MB]


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