Esoko - Virtual marketplace and data collection service


Esoko - Virtual marketplace and data collection service

Esoko is a communication tool created with a view to building connection between businesses, projects, NGOs, governments and smallholder farmers. 

Esoko started as a price information service but the team soon realized that farmers needed much more than market information and added weather alerts, crop advice, and linking buyers with sellers. Various research finds such services can improve incomes for farmers by roughly 10%.

Watch this introductory video on Esoko:

Credits: Esoko

Over the years, Esoko developed two products: Tulaa and Insyt.

Tulaa is a mobile money solution that allows smallholder farmers to lay-away and borrow money to purchase agricultural inputs. Tulaa brings together input suppliers, financial institutions and farmers in a virtual marketplace to let rural communities gain access to get access to credit and buy agricultural inputs.

Insyt is a software development service for Android and web. It helps governments, NGOs and businesses to collect data, monitor projects, profile clients and conduct market research.

Source: Esoko

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