FAO is using drones to help end hunger


FAO is using drones to help end hunger

FAO is using drones to fight hunger, improve nutrition and counter the effects of climate change and extreme weather events. A documentary from Asia and the Pacific Office of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization shows collaboration with countries to leverage the used of ICTs using drones.

Philippines is a country prone to typhoons, aerial drones are used to map out the risk areas of agricultural land to mitigate the risk. This ensures that once a disaster strikes farmers affected can get assistance quicker.

Drones have an advantage of wider coverage and since they are remotely controlled they allow for precision mapping in affected areas. Watch this video below Are you interested in drones in agriculture?

Video credit: FAO 

The e-Agriculture Team recenlt held a learning activity on drones. Why not click here and review materials that were covered. 

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