A glimpse into the Digital Technologies for Resilience Workshop Agenda


A glimpse into the Digital Technologies for Resilience Workshop Agenda

The Digital Technologies for Resilience Workshop, which FHI 360 is organizing with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, will take place in Bangkok on November 27-28, 2018. This workshop follows the first similar workshop held in 2017.

The workshop was set up as a space where participants within the developmental field can share with and learn from like-minded practitioners about how to sustainably scale digital technologies to enhance resilience.

The workshop is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and is organized by FHI 360 and Digital Impact Alliance (Dial) is a resource partner. Last year, the workshop saw a huge number of participants attending representing more than 80 international organizations such as UN organisations, NGOs, Private sector, universities from a variety of sectors.

Agenda: A glimpse of the menu

The two-day programme is available here.

In many ICT projects scaling-up of the solutions becomes a problem, the session The Ever-Elusive Sustainable, Scalable Tech Solution, will unpack and brainstorm on issues related to scaling and will also focus on common challenges associated with sustainably deploying digital technologies for resilience.

To help developers Think Beyond Scale, participants will be introduced to the Beyond Scale framework and Digital Technologies for Resilience Planning and Due Diligence Tool.

The first day will end with a session, Designing and Deploying for Sustainability where participants will work together in groups to develop a comprehensive plan using the Beyond Scale guide as a reference and tool (mentioned above) as their template.

The second day, will begin with the Shark Tank where participants present their plans to other participants and determine which solutions deserves funding.

The pinnacle of day two is the lightning talks from several participants who are deploying next generation technologies for resilience and how to scale them. The session name is Digital Tech for Resilience, the Next Generation.

The workshop will conclude with helping participants Finding the Right Business Model, where presentations of different business or funding models will be shared to select those that achieve sustainable scale.

Browse the full agenda here.


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