Introducing Wikifarmer: the Wikipedia of Farming


Introducing Wikifarmer: the Wikipedia of Farming

Wikifarmer is the greatest user generated online farming library. Its mission is to help all farmers across the globe to find valuable information regarding their existing or potential crops and livestock. Through the information it provides, Wikifarmer aims to give practical solutions to farmers.

Contributions can be provided from professional or amateur farmers, beekepers, gardeners and professors sharing their knowledge and best practices. Users can submit a new article, edit an existing article, add pictures or videos, request a new article, ask a question about a related issue, or just browse through hundreds of pages with valuable information.

All the content added will be reviewed by Wikifarmer's agronomists. Once approved, the article will be added to Wikifarmer.com. Wikifarmer is now available in English, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

Source: Wikifarmer


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