Launch of WeRobotics Online Training Academy


Launch of WeRobotics Online Training Academy

WeRobotics has just announced the WeRobotics Online Training Academy to provide professional training on the use of drones by developmental agencies.The academy is co-managed with TechChange who have offered dynamic online training platform and in 2017 they trained over 7,000 people from 155 countries.

On the other hand, WeRobotics has provided trainings to many professionals in the following organizations the World Food Program (WFP), UN Development Program (UNDP), UNICEF, Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), local universities and many national & local stakeholders including National Disaster Management Organizations in Peru, Myanmar, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Maldives, Fiji, Seychelles and beyond.

The academy’s first online course will focus on Drones in Humanitarian Action: From Coordination to Deployments. The course is designed for those who need to use drones for disaster preparedness and other humanitarian actions involving the use of drones – thus operates drone missions safely, responsibly and effectively.

Overview of Humanitarian Drone Training

The 7-week training comprises 7 key modules, which cover the following important topics:

  • Drone Technologies and Mission Planning
  • Mapping Drones and Information Products
  • Cargo Drones and New Solutions
  • Humanitarian Principles and Codes of Conduct
  • Survey of Drone Deployments in Humanitarian Aid
  • Humanitarian Drone Missions: Lessons Learned & Best Practices
  • Drones in Humanitarian Action: Localization and Coordination
  • Aerial Data Interpretation and Analysis
  • Future Trends in Drone Technologies and Applications

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