m-Omulimisa, the mobile extension officer


m-Omulimisa, the mobile extension officer

In Uganda, the spread of agronomical information is quite challenging, and the number of extension officers cannot meet the growing demand from farmers who often need immediate assistance. Thanks to innovations in information technology, mobile and web-based platforms are proving to be a huge help.

m-Omulimisa provides smallholder farmers with real-time farming information and solutions written in local languages via mobile technologies. Farmers can use their phones to ask questions in languages that they understand, and receive understandable feedback from extension officers in the region via text messages. Registered farmers also receive location-based information of weather, markets, and best farming practice regularly from extension officers. 

m-Omulimisa already has 15,000 registered farmers in Uganda and is planning to reach other countries with the help of local telecommunication companies.

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