A spotlight on the FAO Digital Services Portfolio


A spotlight on the FAO Digital Services Portfolio

The FAO Digital Services Portfolio is a project that was started in November 2016 in Rulindo, Rwanda and Tambacounda, Senegal.The project included the development and distribution of 4 mobile applications to smallholder farmers.

This project comes as a realisation that digital services are changing how farmers work and also from the understanding that ICTs can maximise various social support services for farmers – such services include rural advisory services, financial services and social protection programmes, access to market information and disease control.

The four apps were the

  • Cure and Feed your livestock –provides real time information on animal diseases control and animal feeding strategies.
  • Weather and Crop Calendar –combines information on weather forecasts, crop calendars and alert systems.
  • AgriMarketplace – connects producers, traders and consumers to facilitate trade and access to inputs
  • E-Nutrifood – provides information on production, conservation and consumption of nutritious foods

Some resources about this project

Tackling poverty and hunger through DIGITAL INNOVATION  
Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa - Project Brochure 1
Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa - Project Brochure 2
TZH25 - A digital future for Africa's rural youth - 7 min
TZH 33- Senegal's Smart Farmers - 8 min


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