A virtual market platform for farmers


A virtual market platform for farmers

Most farmers in developing countries face the challenge of marketing their produce and most often meet the unpredictable market prices. How can technology help these farmers?

We came across the innovative The Maano- Virtual Farmers’ Market (VFM) which is an app-based e-commerce platform designed with farmers needs in mind. This app is the product of World Food Programme’s Innovation Accelerator, an initiative to support potential innovative solutions to solve hunger.

In this case, the VFM seeks to provide a transparent, open and trustworthy space for smallholder farmers and buyers to negotiate fair prices and deals.

This app helps to connect smallholder farmers to markets and VFM creates a virtual, app based network that allows farmers to interact with traders and other buyers.

In July 2016 funding was provided to pilot the prototype of the VFM with farmers from rural areas in three districts in Zambia. The initial reports indicates the app is progressing well, with some 70 national and international buyers showing an interest in purchasing crops through Maano.

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