The Yield app uses sensing systems to help farmers improve yields in Australia


The Yield app uses sensing systems to help farmers improve yields in Australia

The Yield is an Internet of Things (IoT) Australian product company that aims to use technology to improve yields in agriculture and aquaculture. The Yield combines wireless sensor networks and localised data to inform farmers and growers on the best decisions to make regarding their yelds.

The Yield uses Sensing+, a microclimate sensing system for agriculture which measures data from different points around the farm and provides hyper local predictions based on the farm's growing conditions by using data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Watch The Yield's presentation video:

Credits: The Yield

To the user, the Yield presents itself as both a web and mobile application. The app lets the user measure rainfall, water balance wind speed and direction, evapotranspiration and soil moisture. All this information allows the user to make better decisions on when to harvest, irrigate, plant, feed and protect its crops. The app also has special features like alerts and custom threshold notifications.

The Yield team takes control of the whole process, from providing and maintaining the sensors to delivering simple user interfaces. The data collected is stored in a cloud platform.

There is also an Aquaculture version of Sensing+: The Yield team has been working with oyster growers and industry for the past twelve months in Tasmania and Pambula, New South Wales, Australia to help them mitigate risk and uncertainty from weather. The solution also provides critical data services to help farmers manage disease risk.  

Watch this short video by CNBC on The Yield for oyster farming

Technology partners include Bosch, Microsoft and Intel. The mobile app is available on App Store and Google Play. It is currently available only in Australia.

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