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Marawi Recovery Project: Recovery assistance to people and families affected by the Marawi conflict in the Philippines

Marawi Recovery Project: Recovery assistance to people and families affected by the Marawi conflict in the Philippines

Full title of the project:

Marawi Recovery Project: Support for Enhancing Agri-based Livelihoods of Internally Displaced Farmers Affected by the Marawi Conflict

Target areas:

Piagapo, Marantao and Ditsaan-Ramain municipalities, Lanao Del Sur Province. 

USD 715 942
Project code:

To provide livelihood support and training to internally displaced people and other affected populations from the Marawi Siege, especially the most vulnerable and those with special needs, to foster their sustainable economic recovery.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform, Provincial Agriculture Office-Lanao del Sur; Task Force Bangon Marawi; Local Government Units of Piagapo, Marantao and Ditsaan-Ramain; Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority; Department of Trade and Industry Region 10.

Beneficiaries reached:

2 500 households (16 250 people).

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed 232 800 abaca suckers, 3 244 500 sakurab (white scallion) bulblets, 103 800 sweet potato cuttings, 11 724 bags of organic fertilizer (50 kg/bag), 37 350 grams hot chili seeds, 3 448 plastic vegetable crates, 2 327 bags of complete fertilizer (50 kg/bag), 1 724 garden rakes and 1 552 tuxying knives to 2 500 households.
  • Trained 719 people (52 percent women) on a variety of production and processing techniques to add value to their agricultural enterprises, and supported 105 farmers and extension workers with on-site technical advice on agricultural production.
  • Conducted value-chain analyses on abaca, sakurab (white scallion), sweet potato and hot chili and provided recommendations on improved production practices.
  • Trained 800 people (70 percent women) on agriculture-based enterprise management.
  • Established seven community based organizations and strengthened five to build the resilience of community members’ livelihoods.
  • Expected production is 22 274 kg sweet potato, 2 241 000 kg chilies, 54 075 kg white scallion and 337 948 kg abaca fibre.
  • Built the capacity of smallholder farmers who have applied improved production and processing practices, enhancing their production and marketing.
  • Strengthened the resilience of community members’ livelihoods through the establishment of community-based organizations, thus strengthening social cohesion.