Employment at FAO

Do you thrive in an environment that is truly international and multi-cultural, which respects as well as promotes diversity and functions at its best through the efforts of teams of different people?
Are you willing to travel to various duty stations worldwide in order to contribute to the mission of FAO’s work?
Do you want to make a difference?
If so, consider the various employment profiles at FAO.

FAO recruits staff on fixed-term or temporary contracts. Staff are grouped in two main streams: Professional (P) or General Service staff (G). Directors (D) are part of the Senior Management category.  FAO also employs consultants, interns and volunteers to assist with special projects and short term recruitment needs.

Internationally recruited staff

Senior Level staff
are hired internationally and occupy senior positions which require a high level of managerial and technical expertise in their respective fields.   

Professional staff
are hired internationally and occupy leadership functions or positions that require a significant level of technical expertise. Professional staff are mobile and engage in various functions across FAO’s areas of work.

Locally recruited staff

General Service staff
are hired locally at the respective duty station. Their main role is to provide assistance and support and to assure the smooth functioning of all administrative matters.

National Professional Officers
are nationals of the country in which they serve and perform functions of a professional nature requiring local knowledge, expertise and experience of a national.

FAO is committed to achieving the best results while respecting workforce diversity and ensuring a broad representation of nationals of our member countries.

Particular attention is paid to candidates from developing countries and gender balance; qualified females are encouraged to apply.

What qualities are we looking for?

To be professional is to be dedicated, thorough and efficient in meeting deadlines and achieving results. It means demonstrating know-how in your area of work, and in any situation, presenting the best possible appearance, commitment and pride in your work.

Diversity is one of the pillars of FAO and the Organization recognizes that the diversity of its staff is essential in tackling its work. We are called to respect and learn from each other’s differences and rely on them to find creative ways to solve everyday challenges.

FAO staff are willing to share their practice and experience, to move from one duty station to another, as well as to change office and position inside of the Organization in order to create an experienced and versatile workforce.

Acting with integrity is performing in an unbiased and honest manner at all times. When you work at FAO this means living the values of the Organization in your daily activities and behavior. Integrity upholds the professionalism of the staff.