Acción mundial de lucha contra el gusano cogollero del maíz

FAMEWS global platform is an online resource for mapping data collected by the FAMEWS mobile app whenever fields are scouted or pheromone traps are checked for FAW. The platform provides a real-time situation overview with maps and analytics of FAW infestations at global, country and sub-country levels.

An additional level of aggregation for the sub-country levels is available. The best and most effective strategy for managing FAW  is  taking  preventive  measures  and immediate action when the fall armyworm is detected. The actions taken are actively monitored and compared with the level and extent of infestation which act as a decision support system about the most appropriate management options.

The data and maps provide valuable insights on how FAW populations change over time with ecology in order to better understand its behaviour and guide best management practices.

Similar to the mobile app, the global platform is designed to expand with the evolving needs of farmers, analysts and decision-makers. It is freely accessible to the global community by clicking the map on the FAO fall armyworm home page.