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Journal article
Bosnia and Herzegovina - High Nature Value Farming

No steps for the identification and mapping of HNV farming have so far been taken in B&H. Nevertheless Type 1 HNV farmland would be expected to predominate. The county is characterised by very different soil and climate conditions, thus there are many different types of grassland. According to the literature...
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Regional Seminar on Agroecology in Latin America and the Caribbean

Representatives from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean; from the public, private and academic sectors as well as integration organizations, will participate in the Regional Seminar on Agroecology in Latin America and the Caribbean, to be held in Brasilia, Brazil.   The seminar is based on a regional as well...

Fundación Heifer Ecuador

Fundación Heifer Ecuador es una Organización No Gubernamental ecuatoriana de desarrollo rural, sin fines de lucro, vinculada a Heifer International. En Ecuador, Heifer Internacional tiene una presencia desde 1954 y desde 1993 está presente como Fundación Heifer Ecuador. La organización fue reconocida legalmente en Ecuador, desde el 08 de julio de...
2015 - Fundación Heifer Ecuador

Those who Sow

Family farming employs over 40% of the global working population and produces 80% of the global food supply. But what exaclty is family farming and under which conditions can family farmers meet the challenges of tomorrow? Forty young agronomists explored these questions throughout this 52 minute long documentary where they...
2015 - Agro & Sac-à-Dos

Newsletter article
Forest communities are heard at the 2015 World Forestry Congress in South Africa

This article resumes the meeting of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and family smallholders during the 14th World Forestry Congress in Durban this week, and their voice was heard. Representing many millions of those who live in and live off the forest, they shared their views at a weekend-long pre-Congress meeting,...
2015 - Tropenbos International - the Netherlands

Blog article
La agroecología es una larga aspiración de los mapuches

El principal conductor del MUCECH, el líder mapuche, Manuel Llao, recuerda que hace mucho tiempo  su pueblo, viene llamando la atención reiteradamente ante las autoridades políticas sobre la necesidad de tener una  visión estratégica de largo alcance para proteger los recursos naturales que producen el alimento de los chilenos. Después...
2015 - Movimiento Unitario Campesino y Etnias de Chile (MUCECH)

Uganda: Imagine your life differently

20,000 families in 13 districts of Uganda are now imagining their lives differently. . By creating a shared vision, husbands and wives are not only finding ways to break out of their poverty, but they are discovering the value of equality in their homes.
2015 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Purchase from Africans for Africa

Phase I learning and results report
Purchase from Africans for Africa (PAA Africa) – a pilot project inspired by the Brazilian learning on institutional food procurement – recently released a report on the lessons learned from the first phase of implementation. This report details the joint efforts in five countries to increase smallholder farmers’ access to...
Ethiopia - Malawi - Mozambique - Niger - Senegal
2015 - World Food Programme (WFP)

Journal article
Contribución del conocimiento y tecnologías tradicionales a la adaptación al cambio climático en las montañas de América Latina

En este documento se discute acerca de la alta variabilidad del clima que ha caracterizado a los ecosistemas de montaña incluso antes de que surgiera la preocupación por el cambio climático. Las culturas indígenas de los Andes y América Central han vivido en estos entornos impredecibles durante siglos, por lo...
2015 - Soluciones Prácticas

Blog article
Mesas técnicas agroclimáticas

Las Mesas Técnicas Agroclimáticas (MTA) son una innovadora iniciativa que busca integrar actores del sector agropecuario a nivel local para informar, especialmente a los pequeños productores, sobre los cambios esperados en el clima de su región; cómo estos pueden afectar sus cultivos y qué pueden hacer para reducir los impactos...
2015 - Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

"Free", Paolo Maria Mosca Farm

Documentaries on the Best Practices in Rural Development carried out by young farmers that have been granted support under EU Rural development policies.
2015 - Rete Rurale Nazionale - Italy

Programa Salvadoreño de Investigación sobre Desarrollo y Medio Ambiente (PRISMA)

PRISMA (Programa Salvadoreño de Investigación sobre Desarrollo y Medio Ambiente) es un centro no gubernamental sin fines de lucro de investigación, interlocución e incidencia regional. Fundación PRISMA lleva a cabo investigaciones, realiza publicaciones y  promueve diálogos sobre políticas públicas. PRISMA está comprometida a crear espacios de diálogo entre diferentes actores y...
El Salvador
2015 - Programa Salvadoreño de Investigación sobre Desarrollo y Medio Ambiente (PRISMA)

Conférence Euro-Méditerranéenne sur l'Irrigation

La manifestation "Innover pour améliorer les performances de l'irrigation", organisée par l'Association Française pour l'Eau, l'Irrigation et le Drainage (AFEID) sous l'égide de la Commission Internationale des Irrigations et du Drainage (CIID) est la rencontre de plusieurs évènements mobilisant les acteurs mondiaux de l'irrigation dans leur grande diversité, pour faire de Montpellier, le temps...

Young farmers and the CAP

Agriculture is at the heart of our lives. Much of what we consume and use every day comes originally from a farm, whether it be our milk, bread, meat, vegetables, wine, cut flowers or, indeed, the clothes that we wear. Farmers play a unique role. They produce high-quality, safe agricultural...
2015 - European Union

Journal article
Should African rural development strategies depend on smallholder farms?

An exploration of the inverse-productivity hypothesis
In Africa, most development strategies include efforts to improve the productivity of staple crops grown on smallholder farms. An underlying premise is that small farms are productive in the African context and that smallholders do not forgo economies of scale—a premise supported by the often observed phenomenon that staple cereal...
2015 - World Bank

Magazine article
The case for agro ecological local food systems

“Eating is an agricultural act” as the American novelist, farmer and poet Wendell Berry stated in his 1989 essay ‘On the pleasures of eating’. But what does this actually mean? According to Berry: “Most people think of food as an agricultural product, but they do not think of themselves as...
2015 - Friends of the Earth Europe

Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics 2014

The Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics statistical book provides a selection of topical data. Information is presented for the European Union (EU) and its Member States, and is supplemented (when available) with data for EFTA members and for the acceding and candidate countries to the EU. This publication aims to...
2015 - European Union

Enhancing efficiency and inclusiveness of agri-food chains in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

In collaboration with the International MBA in Agribusiness Network (AGRIMBA), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will hold a workshop on “Enhancing efficiency and inclusiveness of agri-food chains in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”. The workshop will be implemented as part of the programme of the...
2015 - FAO Workshop at AGRIMBA Network Congress

The Greek Government's Position on Future CAP Reform

The Greek position is that the expenditure for agriculture should remain at the present level, at least up to 2013. It is argued that European agriculture can play a multi-functional role. Agriculture is very important - in economic, social as well as environmental terms - for the sustainable development of...

Policy brief/paper
The Organic Window of Opportunity

In the National Agriculture Policy of 2013, organic farming is described as a ‘window of opportunity’ that has the capacity to enhance both ‘national and farm incomes’. The policy makes reference to constraints to organic agriculture including high certification costs and weak regulation. Little is being done however, to follow...
United Republic of Tanzania
2015 - Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM)
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