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Conference proceedings
Sustainable crop production using hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth) to enrich soil fertility and conserve soil moisture for maize cropping in smallholder farming systems in Zimbabwe

Crop production in smallholder farming systems of Zimbabwe is limited by low inherent soil fertility, particularly N and P and available soil moisture. One of the major agricultural challenges in developing countries is the development of technologies that are able to sustain soil fertility and conserve soil and moisture. The...
2010 - University of Zimbabwe

Policy brief/paper
Producer organisations

Reclaiming opportunities for development
Producer organisations are widely heralded as leading contributors to poverty reduction and the achievement of food security. Following the withdrawal of state support as part of measures for liberalization, producer organizations in Africa have been in a process of transition, attempting to define appropriate strategies in a competitive open market...
Ethiopia - Ghana - Kenya - Malawi - United Republic of Tanzania - Zimbabwe
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Revista ALASRU Nueva Época n° 5

La revista ALASRU, Análisis Latinoamericano del Medio Rural, es editada y publicada por la Asociación Latinoamericana de Sociología Rural (ALASRU). Este número incluye los artículos: Hacia el VIII Congreso de ALASRU, "Acercamiento a los proyectos en disputa”. A sociologia rural na América Latina: produção de conhecimento e compromisso com a sociedade. Globalização e...
Argentina - Cuba - Ecuador
2010 - Asociación Latinoamericana de Sociología Rural

Fact sheet
Contribution du réseau rural français au débat public européen sur l’évolution souhaitée de la politique agricole commune

Ce document synthétise la vingtaine de contributions reçues. Elle n'engage pas les services de l'état, ni l'intégralité des membres du réseau rural. La dizaine de contributions parvenue a mobilisé une vingtaine d’acteurs principalement régionaux (3 réseaux régionaux, 2 organismes consulaires, collectivités territoriales, acteurs divers,...). La synthèse de ces contributions a...
2010 - The European network for Rural Development

Africa’s smallholder farmers

Approaches that work for viable livelihoods
Most Africans depend on small-scale farming systems as the primary source of their livelihoods. Yet they are marginalized and often do not produce enough to enable their families to have sufficient food to eat throughout the year. Smallholder farmers are also particularly vulnerable to climatic and economic shocks. Despite these...
2010 - African Smallholder Farmers Group (ASFG)

Magazine article
Sheep farming – a cultural heritage

Sheep farming is practiced throughout Iceland, although it is most common in sparsely settled areas. About 2,000 farmers are engaged in sheep farming. Icelandic sheep are short-tailed and belong to a breed formerly common in north western Europe, but now only to be found in very few areas of the...
2010 - The Icelandic Lamb Marketing Board

Diverse Areas: Marine Protected Areas and Small-scale Fishing Communities - A collection of articles from SAMUDRA Report

In preparation for COP10 of CBD, ICSF compiled all articles from Samudra Report on MPAs and highlight the problems with top-down planning and implementation of MPAs, while drawing attention to positive examples of community-led initiatives in conservation and management. This dossier is a compilation of all articles on marine protected...
2010 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Technical paper
Measure for Measure

Systematic patterns of deviation between measures of income and consumption in developing countries evidence from a new dataset
 This paper uses an innovative household level database to ask two basic questions related to the well-known issue of income underreporting in household surveys in developing countries: (a) The extent of this underreporting in practice, and (b) whether and how it varies systematically with respondent, household, income, and survey design...
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Policy brief/paper
Future Farmers ? Exploring Youth Aspirations for African Agriculture

Demographic trends point to more young people in the African population than ever before – approximately 70 percent of Africa’s 1 billion people is under the age of 30. Across the continent many young people are reportedly choosing not to pursue livelihoods in agriculture, especially as farmers. If this is...
2010 - Future Agricultures Consortium

Family rural agribusinesses and social relations network at local markets in the Region of Corede Jacuí-Centro / Rio Grande do Sul

The diversification of the social and productive activities is what usually happens in the Brazilian household agriculture. The agricultural production processing and the agro  industrial product insertion in the markets are manners of this diversification. This paper had as main objective to describe the relations that constitute the social networking...
2010 - Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul

Lithuania invests in its next generation of farmers

A young female farmer in Lithuania benefited from EAFRD business start-up support to establish a modern, profitable farm. The support helped her to plan her business more effectively and enabled her to buy new equipment to make her farm efficient and competitive.   

Le conseil agricole, une démarche porteuse à l'épreuve des réalités : premières leçons d'une expérience de changement d'échelle au Nord Cameroun

 La Société de développement du coton du Cameroun (SODECOTON) utilise le conseil comme une innovation pour réformer sa démarche d’appui aux producteurs. L’objectif de cette recherche était d’étudier la transformation des dispositifs d’appuis aux producteurs à partir de l’analyse de l’application du conseil. Le dispositif comprend la SODECOTON, les producteurs et les...

Fact sheet
Contribution – synthesis of opinions for the European rural development network in the context of the public consultation on the common agricultural policy (CAP) after 2013

Following the extra meeting of the Coordination Committee of the European Rural Development Network held in Brussels on April 14th  The National Rural Network received proposals from nine members: four of them are active in the field of rural development (National Agricultural Research Foundation – {NAGREF}, Agricultural Products Certification &...
2010 - The European network for Rural Development

Policy brief/paper
Urban agriculture, poverty, and food security

Empirical evidence from a sample of developing countries
Urban agriculture may have a role to play in addressing urban food insecurity problems, which are bound to become increasingly important with the secular trend towards the urbanization of poverty and of population in developing regions. Our understanding of the importance, nature and food security implications of urban agriculture is...
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Report on the Hungarian National Rural Network activities related to the public debate of the Common Agricultural Policy

The Hungarian National Rural Network (HNRN) has been active in publicizing the CAP reform process since 2009. The series of events started with a national conference, “The future of the Common Agricultural Policy” organized by the Presidency of the HNRN in December 2009 to discuss the various CAP scenarios. The...
2010 - The European network for Rural Development

Policy brief/paper
Fighting Poverty and Hunger What Role for Urban Agriculture?

Economic and Social Perspectives – Policy Brief No. 10.  Towns and cities are growing rapidly in developing countries. This process is often accompanied by high levels of poverty and hunger, leading many urban dwellers to engage in farming activities to help satisfy their food needs. Policy makers need to recognize this...
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Fact sheet
Public debate on Pillar II of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Post 2013. Synthesis of submissions to the Irish Managing Authority of the Rural Development programme

In July 2009, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food launched a public consultation process on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post 2013. As part of this process, the Department invited interested parties to submit their views on the range of issues that arise in relation to the future of...
2010 - The European network for Rural Development

Fact sheet
Future of CAP after 2013 – Results from the survey conducted by Latvian National Rural Network

The target group for the questionnaire, developed by Latvian National Rural Network (NRN) were rural inhabitants. Latvian NRN chose two ways to collect the necessary information – via questionnaire on NRN’s internet home page (264 respondents) and by organizing open discussions in different regions of Latvia (48 discussions). In...
2010 - The European network for Rural Development

Fact sheet
Consultation Regarding the Future of The Common Agricultural Policy of The European Union Contribution of the Romanian National Rural Development Network

Following the launching of the public debate regarding the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at the European level and as discussed in the additional meeting of the Coordination Committee of the European Network for Rural Development of 14 April 2010, the Romanian National Rural Development Network (NRDN) has...
2010 - The European network for Rural Development

Case study
Fighting sand encroachment

Lessons from Mauritania
Mauritania is one of the Sahelian countries most severely affected by the repeated periods of drought that have been occurring since the end of the 1960s. Desertification control has always been a national priority and a central concern of successive governments, taking the practical form of various development plans and...
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
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