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Pesticides use and trade 1990–2021

Pesticides are a key agricultural input needed to protect seeds and safeguard crops from unwanted plants, insects, bacteria, fungi and rodents. At the same time, pesticides can have negative health and environmental impacts through contamination of soil, water and non-target plants and animals, which can decrease biodiversity and harm living organisms including humans. Statistics of pesticides use and trade are relevant for monitoring the sustainability of agriculture. In particular, they can help assess the global movement of pesticides and identify possible shortcomings in access to markets.

The FAOSTAT Pesticides Use database contains data on pesticides use by country, in active ingredients and by major pesticide category, currently for the period 1990-2021.

The FAOSTAT Pesticides Trade domain additionally provides information on internationally traded pesticides, in formulated products, over the period 1961–2021. Trade data for 1961–1989 cover only monetary values, while data for 1990–2021 also include physical quantities. The 2023 Pesticides Trade domain features intra-regional and inter-regional aggregates to highlight trade within and between different regions of the world.


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Pesticides Use

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