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Webinar: Cities and Covid-19 - Food access for vulnerable communities


How can cities maintain access to safe and nutritious food for vulnerable people during COVID-19? 

FAO, UNEPRUAF, ICLEI and Rikolto share the experience of 3 cities: New York City (USA), Kampala (Uganda) and Quito (Ecuador) in a webinar held on Friday 15 May at 15:00 CEST. 

FAO primarily set the scene explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting urban food systems. The effects on food supply chains for cities, and their ability to provide access to safe food for their citizens in this contextare explored through the example of three municipalities: 

New York City had 1.2 million citizens facing food insecurity before the pandemic, and the plan "Feeding New York" has been delivered to protect city's supply chain. 
Kampalawhere a contactless home delivery system helped 1.5 million citizens and reduced congestion in markets during the lockdown.  
Quitowhere the City Region Food System approach built a resilient food system that is helping to respond to the challenges arising from COVID-19 


  • Jamie Morrison, Strategic Programme Leader, Food Systems Programme, FAO
  • Kate MacKenzie, Director of the Mayor's Office of Food Policy, New York City
  • Esau Galukande, Deputy Director Production and Marketing, Kampala Capital City Authority
  • David Jácome Polit, Metropolitan Director of Resilience, Municipality of Quito

Moderator: Charlotte Flechet, International Food Smart Cities Coordinator, Rikolto

Materials from the webinar are available here: