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New Podcast: exploring good practices for food systems transformations


A new podcast mini-series from FAO will feature conversations with researchers, public sector officials, development specialists and the private sector about good practices and challenges for advancing the transformation of sustainable food systems.

Over four episodes, listeners can learn about the efforts of Costa Rica, Ireland and Rwanda to promote healthy and affordable diets, address agrifood GHG emissions, curb water pollution, improve farmers’ livelihoods, and more.

In the first episode, released on 15 September, Siobhan Kelly (Agribusiness Officer, FAO) is joined by Herman Brouwer (Senior Advisor on multi-stakeholder collaboration, WCDI). During the conversation, Herman explains the concepts of food systems, sustainability and systemic transformation; and the importance of multi-stakeholder and multi-level (from global to local) processes.

                                                 LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE

New episodes will be released every fortnight. Follow this space and get inspired!

Episode 1 - In conversation with Herman Brouwer, Advisor at WCDI

Episode 2 - Costa Rica's journey towards sustainable food systems

Episode 3 - Ireland's journey towards sustainable food systems

Episode 4 - Rwanda's journey towards sustainable food systems


The mini-series is funded by the Government of Ireland and inspired by the report published by FAO in 2021 National processes shaping food systems transformations – Lessons from Costa Rica, Ireland and Rwanda.