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Systèmes Agroalimentaires


[VIDEO] - SFS-MED Webinar 5: Women as key players in greening Mediterranean food systems: drivers and challenges;
Fifth technical webinar organized by the SFS-MED Platform about the levers for food systems transformation. This session addresses the question: how can the greening of Mediterranean food systems be a driver for women's equal participation?
On Urban Food Policies with Corinna Hawkes - FAO
What is the role of cities in transforming food systems?
Podcast: The power of agrifood systems
Tune in to the FAO talks podcast with Corinna Hawkes, Director of FAO’s Division of Food Systems and Food Safety, to look at how agrifood systems play vital roles in our lives, ensuring our health and wellbeing, and make a major impact on the environment.
The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World
Urbanization, agrifood systems transformation and healthy diets across the rural–urban continuum...
Rethinking our food systems: A guide for multi-stakeholder collaboration
Multi-stakeholder collaboration is an important process that can serve as a tool and strategy to solve complex issues and problems such as transforming national food systems towards more sustainable outcomes. This guide aims to support stakeholders working at all levels of the food system in the implementation of actions to transform their food systems. Centered on 5 building blocks underpinning successful multi-stakeholder collaboration for food systems transformation, the guide uses these constructions to illustrate ingredients of the process and show the interconnectedness of the steps needed to be successful...
[VIDEO] Urban Food Agenda – Building Prosperous small cities and towns
Explore the impact of the FAO Project "Feeding Urbanization" in small cities and towns across Rwanda, Senegal, and Ecuador...
Consumers and Mediterranean diet: towards food systems transformation
Successful cases and experiences from the SFS-MED Platform webinar held on 26 January 2023.During this webinar, stakeholders from across the Mediterranean shared experiences and successful cases from the consumer perspective, including on transparent information and consumer education and innovative pathways for sustainable public procurement...
Flyer - PADAAM Project
Projet d’appui à la mise en œuvre du PADAAM (projet d’appui au développement agricole et à l’accès au marché)...
Mapping of territorial markets
Methodology and guidelines for participatory data collection...
Relier les PME agroalimentaires à l’innovation pour instaurer des systèmes alimentaires durables: le rôle des approches multipartites
Au cours de ce webinaire, organisé par la plateforme SFS-MED le 13 octobre 2022, des parties prenantes de toute la Méditerranée ont partagé des expériences pratiques de coopération entreprises-universités, des cas de réussite de transfert et d’adoption de l’innovation, de voies novatrices de renforcement des capacités, et d’idées provocatrices de la part d’investisseurs et d’agriculteurs...
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