Forest and Farm Facility

Achievements 2012-2017

The first Phase of the FFF (from December 2012 to December 2017) has focused on strengthening FFPOs as a primary unit, delivering major impacts through support to 937 FFPOs on the ground in 10 countries: Bolivia, Guatemala, Liberia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, The Gambia, Vietnam and Zambia.

It has also engaged with producers and their organizations and government in 25 additional countries through exchange visits, south-south cooperation, regional and global conferences and direct support to a number of regional and global federations of forest and farm producers.

FFF support has directly reached 947 FFPOs: three global, three regional, 10 national and 931 local or provincial (comprising 21-79 percent women depending on country/region) and indirect support to many hundreds more.

In total these FFPOs represent more than 30 million forest and farm producers.

FFF has facilitated the establishment of (or greater FFPO representation) in 51 policy platforms at national or regional level, and contributed directly to 30 significant policy changes.