Forest and Farm Facility

The Forest and Farm Facility provides direct financial support and technical assistance to strengthen forest and farm producer organizations representing smallholders, rural women’s groups, local communities and indigenous peoples’ institutions. Collectively, forest and farm producers have the potential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to respond to climate change at landscape scales. A partnership between FAO, IIED, IUCN and Agricord, the Forest and Farm Facility is funded by Finland, Germany, Norway through the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism of FAO, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States of America, and IKEA.


Participants from producers' organizations, government institutions, civil society organizations, and the private sector will strenghten the landscape restoration movement on a regional scale, amplifying the impact of their collective efforts under the AF100 initiative.
The MA&D methodology is based on participatory principles and empowerment. It uses a facilitative approach to help ‘entrepreneurs’ rather than ‘beneficiaries’ know and control all elements of their enterprises. The fully participatory training online course runs over four 2.5-hour sessions. 
Mr Luis Miguel Aparicio, a forest engineer, has broad international experience from a range of international organizations, government agencies and the private sector. Luis Miguel shares FFF's commitment and dedication to improving the living of forest and farm producers globally.
Showcasing exciting developments in the realm of finance, a recent report from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) explores how a succesful model is transforming lives in Siakacheka, a community in the Choma district of Zambia.
FFF works with smallholders, rural women, local communities and Indigenous Peoples to strengthen their organizations at the national, regional and global levels as a means for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, responding to climate change and biodiversity loss.
The Forest and Farm Facility supports forest and farm producer organizations in their efforts to stimulate entrepreneurship and benefit their members. It supports on-the-ground operations locally, nationally, regionally and globally through grants, trainings, data collection and advocacy.