Forest and Farm Facility

The Forest and Farm Facility provides direct financial support and technical assistance to strengthen forest and farm producer organizations representing smallholders, rural women’s groups, local communities and indigenous peoples’ institutions. Collectively, forest and farm producers have the potential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to respond to climate change at landscape scales. A partnership between FAO, IIED, IUCN and Agricord, the Forest and Farm Facility is funded by Finland, Germany, Norway through the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism of FAO, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States of America, and IKEA.


New case study from IIED and CDNTA highlights how forest and farm producer organizations unite producers in local forest and farm landscapes A tale of community empowerment and sustainable growth is unfolding in Zambia's Choma District's forest landscapes, where a group of dedicated smallholder farmers have united under the banner of...
New study by IIED highlights how agrobiodiversity is taking centre stage for food security and sustainable development in Madagascar. In the Malagasy highlands, cultivated hills are interspersed with rice-growing valleys and lowlands. Rice is a staple crop in Madagascar and an important part of local food security; however, agricultural-driven biodiversity...
New report from IIED and MVIWAARUSHA captures the role of smallholder farmers and their organizations in Northern Tanzania for preserving agrobiodiversity. Smallholder farming families in Tanzania play a vital role in producing varied and nutritious food for households and market demand. But how can we ensure that this agricultural production is...
Join FFF partners to hear and share successful experiences and best practices on finance. Participants will identify appropriate financing instruments for scaling up, including carbon and biodiversity finance and internal finance mechanisms developed by smallholder producer organizations. Register to the event.
Join FFF partners and the Global Bio Energy Partnership to learn more about grass charcoal as an alternative to woodfuel in Ghana. Register to join the webinar.
A new report by IIED demonstrates how community microfinance mechanisms are key to unlocking finance for forest and farm producers.