Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

We are all committed to achieve SDG2 beside all other SDGs. I belief this SDG 2 is our top most priority as if people have access to safe food & no hunger, then only we can move for al other SDGs. 

My work since 2009 has been helping many underprievileged communities in India (Esatern States) through different food security & sustainable agriculture projects. Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is working on most of SDGs where SDG2 is our priority. As we are investing on small holder farmers and working togther by understading their context well and planning is very essential to achieve food security. Many young farmers in my projects are coming in front and they are showing the best way that agriculture can not remain same. When small farmers and local farm science center extension institute (scientists) are working side by side then achieving goal becoming easier. Most of the smallholders are suffering for water stress throughout my country India. MCC and one of it's partner adressing this water issues  in Odisha state, very easily adopting the spring water harvest system in Eastern ghat hills. I found that women members are highly benefitted with all smallholders farm families. I have attached two stories of my project.