Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Child labour is a huge problem in Pakistan. Poor families in this part of the world generally having more children than rich families. Due to the very high costs of food, education and clothes, the poor families are not able to send their children to schools. Unfortunately here schools for poor and rich peoples are different. Because of the food security issue and no financial support to poor families by the government, child labour is imporant for poor families. Here the elder labour (2-3 elders per family) is not sufficient to feed their big families because of the higher food (items) prices. Therefore, for the sustainbility point of view child labour is must for the support of poor & joint family system. 

Moreover, the high cost of agriculture inputs (tractor, chemicals etc.) the child labour is also dominant in agriculture sector. The childs are mostly involved in weeding, grass cutting for animals, and grazing livestock etc. in villages, But due to the COVID the number of child beggers has increased significnatly in towns. 

The UN organizations must help and support the poor families to stop child labour and send their children to schools in low income countries. Poor policies or no policies regarding the child labour is also a big issue. The policies regarding child labour must be designed according to the need of each country. 

As their is huge gap in crop yield, in my opinion best agronomic practices (including high yielding varites etc, ) could increase crop productivity per unit area will definetely reduce the food security issue. Reduction in food insecurity could reduce the costs of foods items and will definitely reduce the child labour in agriculture sector, thanks.