Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Dear  Sameer Karki,

Green Greetings.  Thank you for the opportunity to be associated with your Organisation. Please find my response/input for two documents below;

  • In the wake of the current global climate crisis, an attempt to minimise GHG emissions to improve the Environmental performance for sustainability is needed. The practice of climate-smart agriculture is the need of the hour to meet global challenges like crop management, manure management and soil management to improve soil carbon. Contributions from stakeholders, certified bodies and policymakers will strengthen environmental governance.
  • Rural land use pattern and urbanisation, urban sprawl into rural neighbourhoods reducing the irrigated area and cultivation. Therefore, promotion of urban farming which includes integrating the latest technologies such as terrace gardening, vertical farming, hydroponics, Aeroponics and aquaponics etc.
  • Greenhouse gas emission increase or decrease to the type of cultivation / cultivated area and livestock / manure/grazed lands and soil/ transportation and storage
  • Concepts that are the foundation of greenhouse gas emission accounting in the supply chain, and the outcome will help the consumers to combat the greenhouse gas emission at different stages and also support research, development and extension efforts for sustainability performance. Therefore, a balanced farming system is required to be introduced to contain greenhouse gas emissions at desired level.