Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

I think, when considering the advancement of an SPI (Sustainable Performance Index) for agrifood systems in any country there are several challenges that the FAO guidance can help address. But to make the FAO guidance more practical and usable at the country level, the following suggestions can be considered to enable the effective implementation of an SPI for agrifood systems.

  1. Encourage active participation and engagement of relevant stakeholders at all stages of developing and implementing the SPI. This includes representatives from government agencies, farmers' associations, research institutions, civil society, and the private sector. 
  2. Ensure that the guidance considers the availability and accessibility of data required for SPI calculation. Provide guidelines and support for data collection, monitoring, and reporting systems. Encourage using standardized indicators while allowing flexibility to adapt them to local data availability and reporting capacities.
  3. It is important to align the FAO guidance with existing national or regional sustainable development frameworks, strategies, and targets. This integration can foster coherence, avoid duplication of efforts, and ensure the SPI contributes to broader sustainability agendas.
  4. Develop mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the SPI implementation. This includes confirming clear indicators and targets and periodic assessments to trace progress and detect areas for progress.