Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Some really interesting contributions on this forum.

Great to hear about Chris Miller’s program in Peru.  It sounds as if the secret is community ownership + greenhouses (magic ingredient?), which together are making it possible to increase income and also providing more dietary diversity – Chris, have I got that right?  Is this a permanent ongoing program or a limited-term pilot? Tell us a bit about how the dietary behaviour change is assessed.  (Q:  Are you by any chance related to Mark Miller who ran that excellent school gardening program in Belize?)

Also very interesting to read Sonia Gonzalez’ story about the agricultural labourers and their families in Sinaloa who are working 12 hours a day in the sun gathering tomatoes, corn, sorghum, avocados, lychees, plums, presumably for big producers.  I wonder what the labourers themselves eat.  This group (often migrants?) has not I think had a lot of attention in discussions of nutrition education.

Hope to hear more stories!

Jane Sherman  Nutrition education consultant, FAO