Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

AEAS as well as social development workers need to keep youth’s role at center of planning in gender equality and improved nutrition. We know that education is important, however, there are lots of things missing in education in terms of soft skills (like, interpersonal skills). If a young professional has lack of competency, we cannot think that s/he will be able to deliver right message to targeted audience or how others can be benefited?

Through YPARD Nepal, in 2014, we organized “YPARD Nepal Family Farming Photo Contest”- a national level competition with the goal of giving a stronger voice to family farmers as well as the recognition they deserve for their key role in the construction of a food secured future. More than 200 submissions were received from young farmers by depicting agricultural landscapes.

In 2015, about 40 young people were actively engaged in a workshop to provide a useful starting point to expand emerging practices through sustainable intensification and creative marketing. Later in 2016, we started “EduMala Mentoring Program” where we discussed about the importance of underutilized food crops, food processing methods, food and dairy entrepreneurship. We believe, those activities are continuously helping young people in access to resources and capacity building, exchange of information and networking, and promoting food and agriculture among them. Details