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Movies can and should play powerful role in woem empowerment- sharing here the case of recent Hindi movie-DANGAL.

In 2016, movie DANGAL by Aamir Khan was released in India, which is a story of two sisters groomed by their father as wrestlers. He basically wanted boys not girls as usual in Indian society, but he thought otherwise later and focused on his daughters to turn them worldclass wrestlers. It is impactful movie like a game changer in bringing sea change in the mind set in the traditional societies where focus of family is mostly on male child, be it feeding, schooling or career, while for girls- their marriage is the only goal. After watching DANGAL, Men and women were equally appreciative of the approach of the film to bring about change in thinking on gender issue especially the craving for male child that girls too can do what boys do. The famous dialogue or punch line in this movie, “Maari chhoriyan chhoron se kam hai ke” meaning- "Are my girls any less than boys?" itself has the biggest transformative impact in thinking of Man.

Here are some links which indicate the potential of movies in bringing about change in mind set towards gender transformative impacts.………

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