Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Wadzanai Garwe


• Not clear what it takes to use a food systems approach in a country/regional setting. What does it mean applying this type of approach for policymakers and practicioners? What does an enabling environment for the food systems approach actually entail? Put the overview in Table 1 and the analysis of linkages upfront. Also identify the gaps within a given context, when is it appropriate to use one method or can a combination of methods be applied - which method is appropriate for what?

• Section 3.2 title mentions “Interlinkages, overlaps and complementarities” – the interlinkages are not addressed. How do we use different approaches at the same time?

• How can this document be made into a living document, so that relationship between the four components of the tool box – glossary, collaborative framework, capacity development / training and collection of case studies – especially the case studies, can be brought in? How do different sets of users (policy makers, practitioners, civil society, private sector) contribute their experiences to this document over time?

• How can this become a useful tool? It lacks the reality of what is happening on the ground – i.e. learning from the case studies

• privates sector needs to engage more proactively e.g. links to PPPs