Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Laura Brenes-Peralta

Dear Laura, Many thanks for your additional contribution. The CoC will use a multidisciplinary approach to FLW and will therefore focus on a multi-stakeholder way through prevention, assertive communication and commitment.

We agree that alliances are fundamental to address FLW and that the CoC should include best practices and practical cases and support Member Countries in developing road-maps to reduce, prevent and manage FLW. Thank you for mentioning the interesting case of Costa Rica and of the  Costa Rican FLW Network. We would be glad if you could share experiences with us.

Brighton Mvumi

Thank you for your contribution and for mentioning organic fertilisers and livestock feed.

All the aspects you refer to (institutional arrangement and policies, innovations, standardisation of procedures, information and experience sharing mechanisms, etc…) will be kept in high consideration.