Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

María Fernanda Jiménez Morales

Thank you very much for your contribution. The CoC will definitely not be a binding instrument, but it will simply provide guidance and practical hints for FLW prevention, reduction and management. The aim is to provide a useful tool for governments and food supply chain actors. We will try to provide not only standardized solutions, but also solutions which could be adapted locally.

Food recovery and responsible management of products that are still edible will be included in the CoC.  The empowerment of nations in the subject is something important to contemplate, in order to generate solutions that are adjustable to the realities of each area. , and are not dependent on standardized solutions,

@ Cindy Hidalgo Víquez

Thank you for your contribution. Portions and nutritional aspects do play an important role that should be kept into consideration when referring to food waste.