Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Trust of information

The digital platforms are mushrooming in developing countries, each claiming authentic and reliable information to actors of the agri-tech value chain starting from the farmers, processors, retailers and consumers. Such multiplicity of digital platforms present issues of trust of the information source which make information available, as well as on the quality of the information provided. Many input suppliers for instance, may be misleading the farmers by exaggerating the potential of inputs or technology. How this is going to be regulated? Will the council come out with mechanisms to regulate information flow from digital platforms? It is also linked with the availability as also the quality of data, which affect the decisions at different levels. In developing countries, this is one of the serious limiting factors that often data are not correct. How the council will tackle this.

I believe, there is need of more webinars, regional consultations, workshops and face to face meeting before the digital council start functioning.