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Defination given was identified for primary forests, which needs to include agro-forestry a world along ith existing defination since most of the Indian farming started with Shifting cultivation by people in ancient days causes reducing the forest land. Therefore redefine defination.

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2. Major issues missing is as indicted above missing of Agroforestry, which is tree plantation including fit for grazing of livestock/feed to enable to maintainable sustainable one.

In addition to this encourage the farmers who wanted to go for developing forestry/agroforestry to develop forestry consists of flora funa and predators. This will help out crubbing pests like Locusst/grasshoppers its control...

it preserves even rainharvessted water to be used as watersheds to incrreeasse the ground water levels.

encouraging local youth employment...

3.Methods of assesing area through Data -- 1. satalite data

2. local revenue staff /agricultural staff collected data -- this daata is more accuracy and involvess encourage the farmeers in the activity,,

4.Data which is more useful one the obtaining regional daata through local governments rather than use of satalite data. This data not only includes local area but also activities in the field along with beneficiery/s details also available ..

5. By bove to develop this an officer at junior /consultant will be appointed in the developing and developed countries and can coordinate and develop the full details on  the project and report with his remarks with impact. Guidliness will be given to such officrs how to evaluate and monitor it.


prof. Dr. K B Na Rayana

Jaipur national university and IAMMA