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Dr. Stephen Dania

Organization: Ambrose Alli University
Country: Nigeria
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currently my researches focus on reclaiming degraded soil using compost and other organic manures.

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    • Sir, Agriculture is the main stay economy of rural dwellers. The rural dwellers are not only poor financially, but poor in innovative ideas, technical know how and in Agricultural input. However, to eradicate poverty, the following steps are to be taken: 

      (i) Employ the services of extension agent that will expose farmers to innovations in Agriculture, use of hybrid animals and improved seeds, inorganic and organic fertilizers.

      (ii). Financial aids from governmental and non governmental organizations with no interest to encourage increase in production.

      (iii). One of the greatest problem is market for produces. The farmer suffer waste of farm product due to no buyers or buying at very low price at the farm gate that may not even up to the cost of production. The government should be able to buy this products from farmers at a reasonable price that will encourage increase in production.

      (iv) Provision of storage facilities. 

      (v). Access roads and transportation facilities. (iv) Provision of basic social amenities in rural areas.


      Dr. Dania Stephen Okhumata
      Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

      • Land tenure results in land fragmentation and dispute among farmers. It makes fertilizer use among farmers uneconomical due small farm size.
      • Fertilizer formulation should be location base. The fertility evaluation of a particular location should be ascertained. Generally, tropical soils are inherently deficient of nitrogen and phosphorus and prone to erosion and leaching which further results to soil degradation.
      • Tropical soils are fragile having low depth of organic matter, so organic manure should be included in fertilizer formulation and manufacture (organomineral fertilizer) to improve the soil organic matter.
      • Farmers must be trained in the when and how to apply fertilizer. The major constrain in fertilizer use among farmers is distribution and availability to grassroot farmers in Africa.