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    • Thank you for sharing the TOC and Results Framework for the New Food System Integrated Program, which provides a real and exciting opportunity for transformation. Congratulations for the comprehensive work.

      I just wanted to highlight an observation. Several of the countries identified for the Program are hosting large numbers of refugees and/or have significant internally displaced populations who are acutely food insecure, many of which are reliant on humanitarian assistance to meet their food and basic needs. Inclusion of these populations in food systems transformation is essential to support increased food and nutrition security and climate adaptation.

      While the goal of the Program is inclusive food systems, it could be useful to explicitly unpack the barriers to inclusion for forcibly displaced populations and how to address these, and target these populations, more explicitly through the Program. The Program could then also play an important and critical role in developing an evidence-base on the sustainable transformation of food systems in fragile and conflict affected contexts, inclusive of vulnerable populations including forcibly displaced. 

      We/UNHCR would be happy to further engage and support this process in contexts of forced displacement moving forward.