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Land tenure


The Future UNIDROIT-FAO-IFAD Legal Guide on Agricultural Land Investment Contracts (ALIC)

UNIDROIT, in collaboration with FAO and IFAD, is preparing a future Legal Guide on Agricultural Land Investment Contracts (ALIC), to cater for the needs of legal counsels working on the leasing of agricultural land from States and local communities. This online consultation invites you to share your views and comments on the document's Zero Draft. 

Land Resources Planning Toolbox

The LRP Toolbox is a freely accessible online source for a range of stakeholders, directly or indirectly involved in land use planning. The Toolbox contains a comprehensive number of existing tools and approaches that are used to implement land resources planning. The overall goal of the Toolbox is to make potential users aware of the existence of these tools, facilitate access to their information, and assist with the selection of those tools that meet the requirements of different stakeholders, operating at different levels, in different regions, and in different sectors. See the users’ guide for more information.

Dialogue on responsible investments in land: perspectives from Tanzania and globally

Landesa and the Land Portal will co-facilitate a dialogue on the principles and practices of land-based investments, with a focus on the Tanzanian context. This is intended as part of the broader conversation on responsible investment in land principles, guidelines and practices that has proliferated since the 2009 food crisis and subsequent ‘land grabs’ that swept the global south. This discussion is intended to bring to the fore a grounded perspective on a conversation and debate that often remains in the conceptual or abstract. The Tanzanian context is particularly relevant because of the government’s interest to increase agricultural investment and revise the current National Land Policy with the process underway, which, among other topics, has implications for decision-making processes around land-based investments.

The conversation has two primary objectives. The first is to increase awareness about investment practices in Tanzania and empower the voices from within Tanzania to discuss the realities of trying to improve responsible investment practices in the country. The second is to improve the understanding of global experts and practitioners who are designing and/or advocating for more responsible investment practices in the region and globally.

Please visit the following webpage for more information:….

The dialogue will be available on the Land Portal from 5 until 16 June 2017.


Survey 'Review of Participatory Land Use/Resource Planning Tools and Approaches'

This survey is part of a process started by the Land and Water Division (AGL) of the FAO to review needs, required tools and processes at various scales, to help countries and stakeholders meet emerging challenges and competition over resources and support sustainable use of land and water resources and resilient ecosystems. The objectives of this survey are to:
  • Share experiences and lessons learned on participatory land use planning (PLUP) tools and approaches to improve their use in supporting Integrated Landscape Management (ILM)
  • Identify main gaps and opportunities of the current tools and methods, as a basis for the development of a demand-driven and state-of-the-art participatory land use/resources planning toolkit to support stakeholders at all levels of planning
The survey should take no more than 10-20 minutes and is available in all 6 UN langauges:









Urbanization, Rural Transformation and Implications for Food Security - Online consultation on the background document to the CFS Forum

Urbanization and the transformation of agriculture, food systems and rural spaces present challenges and opportunities for inclusive growth, poverty eradication, economic, environmental and social sustainability, and food security and nutrition. This online consultation invites you to contribute to the elaboration of a background document that the CFS Secretariat is preparing to support the discussions at the Forum on Urbanization, Rural Transformation and Implications for Food Security to be held at CFS 43 in October 2016.

Supporting Women’s Land Rights: A Debate on the Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC)

From 25 Jan.- 5 Feb., the Land Portal Foundation will be holding a debate on the Global Land Tool Network’s Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC), which were created to assess the effectiveness of land tools in supporting women’s land rights. The discussion will focus on sharing best practices and lessons learned for supporting women’s land rights. Join the Debate on How to Achieve Women’s Land Rights by Any Means Necessary.