Безопасность пищевых продуктов

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Prioritizing food safety

With some 600 million cases of foodborne illnesses every year, unsafe food is a threat to human health and economies around the world. Ensuring food safety is a public health priority and an essential step to achieving food security. FAO is the only international organization overseeing all aspects...

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New Codex Trust Fund comes into operation

The new Codex Trust Fund, or CTF2, was officially launched on 27 June. The first countries in which implementation will take place under CTF2 are Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar and Senegal. Many other countries submitted strong applications and will benefit from ongoing consultations with FAO/WHO to strengthen their applications prior to resubmission in subsequent rounds.

Building on the success of the first Codex Trust Fund, FAO and WHO launched a successor initiative to the Codex Trust Fund (CTF2) in January 2016. In the next 12 years, multi-annual support will be provided to over 100 countries to strengthen their capacity for full and effective engagement in Codex. Read the founding Project Document for more details.