FAO and the GEF

Partnering for sustainable agri-food systems and the environment

Latest news and updates from the partnership

FAO has developed and is now successfully scaling up the matching grant model to support agricultural development in Tajikistan with the goal to improve production, nutrition, environment, and life through investment in agriculture and agribusiness.
The FAO elearning Academy webinar “Forest data and free open-source solutions for Climate Action” will highlight the ways in which forest monitoring tools support climate action, share experience from countries and present a new open-source solution for c
FAO is promoting high conservation value forest species to help contain deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Paktia province
Eight countries will benefit from projects designed to support climate resilience and biodiversity, and combat land degradation and unsustainable fishing
The June 2021 Work Program approved during the 60th GEF Council and the 30th LDCF Council has programmed over USD 46.6 million for five FAO-led projects set to benefit eight countries across Asia and Africa.
The ambitious $104 million program targets land degradation in Africa and Central Asian countries
Farmer Field Schools and Dimitra Clubs in Senegal enhance resilience to climate change
The Coastal Fisheries Initiative is restoring species-rich ecosystems to support local communities in Senegal
FAO and UNFCCC launch the second edition of the online course on transparent forest data
In Pambadeniya of Kandy district in Sri Lanka, the role of productivity improvement and Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in the tea smallholding sector is spearheaded by the Women Home Garden Society that operates under the purview of the area Agrarian S
An interview with Ms Rehab Ahmed Hassan, Sudan GHG team manager
Today, 14 global entities launched a renewed effort to increase data-driven climate action around the world. With the decisive UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, UK only six months away, the #Data4BetterClimateAction campaign aims to raise a
Empowering women fish processors in coastal communities transforms trade
Renforcer le développement durable dans des zones riches en ressources halieutiques
The Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI) sets out to safeguard fish dependent communities in and around the Siné Saloum Delta
Villagers tackle encroaching sand dunes and land degradation to build resilient livelihoods
FAO-GEF projects in at least 7 countries in the Asia-Pacific region will bring up to US $60 million in transformative rice projects to the Sustainable Rice Platform, including projects from the Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration Impact Program and LDC
Rotating cattle to keep the grass long, synching cows' pregnancies and improving bovine diet are just some of the tactics Uruguayan farmers are using to mitigate the impact of cattle on climate change.
The country’s stunning landscape of forest-clad jagged peaks, coastal mangroves and savannahs is under pressure from overexploitation of forest resources and poor ecosystem management, and rural poverty remains widespread. The TRI project aims to reverse
The Climate Smart Livestock project's strategic alliance with the Ecuadorian company El Ordeño has helped increase livestock productivity with positive environmental impact.