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Boost for the sustainable management of the oceans amid massive support for FAO projects
On this year’s World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, we look at how three different people in three different countries are enhancing their livelihoods while winning the battle against land degradation with support from FAO and the GEF.
FAO steps up climate risk screenings for GEF investments ensuring climate resilience during post-COVID-19 recovery
FAO reviews 10 years of experience with the Global Environment Facility
The webpage elaborates on FAO-led projects approved in the June 2020 work program under GEF-7
Nations from Brazil to Yemen will see a boost to their efforts to protect biodiversity; reverse land degradation; adapt to climate change; safeguard international waters; and promote sustainable food systems.
Costa Rican Environment and Energy Minister will be first developing country national to lead the GEF
An Ecuadorian producer gives away free milk to families, helping those in need and avoiding food waste.
In one of the oldest agricultural societies, new locations for wild wheat species can still be recorded and protected.
The project has contributed to the improvement of forest evaluation and monitoring capacities to expand the knowledge of biodiversity in Venezuela's Imataca Forest Reserve.
In the Chilgoza ecosystem, The Restoration Initiative (TRI) project will continue the efforts of the 1 Billion Tree Afforestation Program.
The country's Ministry of Agriculture included the information collection and evaluation tool created to monitor the Chilean forests and its biodiversity as a regular government program to ensure its continuity.
In a province in the southern Philippines, three elderly women farmers are proving that not only are women indispensable contributors to agriculture and the economy but also that gender and age are not -- and should not be -- hindrances to pursuing a bett
Training in vocational skills opens up a world of livelihood options
Fisheries Performance Assessment Toolkit (FPAT) marks important step in CFI’s efforts to develop more integrated approaches to coastal fisheries management.
When it comes to food and agriculture data, FAO is one of the world leaders in knowledge.
Women and men frequently have differing roles, responsibilities and priorities in their use, knowledge and experience of forests. This knowledge can offer critical inputs to policy and field interventions that will enable the long-term success of REDD+ an
More than 30 people, including farmers, producers and representatives of the civil society of the Codpa Valley, gathered in the town of Cerro Blanco to build the first phase of "The Arica Picaflor Route"
29-30 January 2020. FAO hosted the first Dryland Sustainable Landscapes Agency Partner Meeting to discuss the design of the Global Platform for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded Dryland Sustainable Landscapes Impact Program (DSL) under GEF-7.
FAO, in partnership with the Department of Environment (DoE) and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, today launched a new project that will strengthen Bangladesh’s capacity to monitor environmental emissions.