Geospatial information for sustainable food systems

Damage to agricultural infrastructure due to the conflict in the Gaza Strip as of 31 December 2023

Year published: 30/01/2024

The damage to agricultural infrastructure was estimated using the available Sentinel 1 SAR images on October 12, 13, 24, 25, December 11, 12, 22 and 23. This is a proxy measure of damage estimated by implementing the so-called coherence change detection (CCD) algorithm. Three image pairs were used — two pre-event sets and one post-event set. The coherence layers were calculated for each pair to assess the changes. This damage proxy map (DPM) detects the changes in the built-up area. The number of damaged agricultural infrastructures was calculated based on their location within a 15-meter radius area around a damaged site. The grid depicts the severity of damage in localised areas; in each tile the number of damaged infrastructures was divided by the total number of infrastructures.