General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Area of application

The GFCM has competence for all marine waters of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

The GFCM area of application is divided into five subregions: the Western, Central and Eastern Mediterranean as well as the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea. These subregions are divided into 30 geographical subareas (GSAs), commonly used in the GFCM as the minimal management unit. 

Technical units in the GFCM subregions

The implementation of a subregional approach in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region is a priority for the GFCM in order to achieve sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development.

Five technical units are currently being established to cover each GFCM subregion: in Bulgaria for the Black Sea, in Croatia for the Adriatic Sea, in Lebanon for the eastern Mediterranean, in Spain for the western Mediterranean and in Tunisia for the central Mediterranean.

Taking into account the needs and specificities of each subregion, the technical units promote cooperation and facilitate dialogue with countries on major subregional issues and cross-border challenges and they assist them in effectively meeting their commitments to the GFCM by providing them with strategic and technical assistance.

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