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Monitoring, control and surveillance

The GFCM adopts every year binding recommendations linked to monitoring, control and surveillance aspects in order to come to grips with IUU fishing in the region. These recommendations encompass a vast array of measures that stem down from relevant international agreements or FAO soft law instruments. The list includes an authorized vessel list, an IUU list, port State measures, VMS and a process leading to the identification of cases of non-compliance. Further information on these aspects can be retrieved in this website through the electronic Compendium of GFCM decisions, where all recommendations in force are available.

In addition, in order to have a practical tool for GFCM Members to rely upon, the Secretariat is currently devising a pilot study towards the elaboration of a centralized VMS and control system which is supposed to facilitate the control of industrial and artisanal fleets through a modular approach. More information on this system will be made available while the pilot study is being developed.