Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

The report on the International Symposium on GIAHS and Family Farming 2022 is out now!

11 September 2023

Under the framework of the Japanese trust fund project “Support through GIAHS Programme to the International Activities for Sustainable Family Farming (GCP/GLO/283/JPN)”, the FAO GIAHS Secretariat organizes yearly Symposiums to highlight the relevance of the GIAHS approach to the UN Decade on Family Farming from different angles.

The International Symposium on GIAHS and Family Farming 2022 shared the experiences from a variety of stakeholders and experts regarding the lessons learnt from family farmers in GIAHS sites.

The Symposium invited representatives from GIAHS sites in Chile, China, Iran, Japan, Spain, and Portugal.

The discussions covered exchanges regarding common challenges and implemented strategies on:

-       Branding and labeling schemes

-       Tourism promotion

-       Small-scale family farming

-       Niche market development and value chain promotion


To access the full report of the Symposium 2022, please click here.