Mexico imposes temporary duty on white maize exports and eliminates import tariff through June 2023


On 16 January 2023, the Government of Mexico announced a temporary 50 percent tariff on white maize exports, with effect from 17 January to 30 June 2023, in order to boost domestic supply and contain price increases of the staple grain. In addition, import tariffs were removed on non-genetically modified white maize destined for human consumption. Import tariffs were already zero for countries with preferential trade agreements but 20 percent otherwise.

With the 2022 main harvesting season under way, the official forecast points to a slightly below-average output of white maize in 2022. Prices of white maize have been generally on the rise since March 2022, supported by increasing costs of production and transportation in addition to prospects for a reduced harvest. This resulted in an elevated level of tortilla prices in retail markets, which were more than 10 percent higher year-on-year in December 2022. Given the smaller crop in 2022 as well as high domestic prices, exports of white maize were only about 30 percent of the five-year average during the first ten months of 2022.

Country: Mexico