El Salvador extends removal of tariffs on imports of basic food items and fertilizers through March 2026


On 14 March 2024, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador extended the application of zero tariffs on imports of selected basic food items and agricultural inputs through 31 March 2026. The Special Transitory Law to Combat Inflation of the Prices of Basic Products (Ley Especial Transitoria de Combate a la Inflación de los Precios de Productos Básicos) was first introduced in March 2022 to reduce the cost of imported foods and agricultural inputs, and has been revised three times to include additional essential products.

El Salvador’s imports of staple white maize and red beans in 2022 and 2023 were above their five-year average levels. Lager imports, in combination with lower prices for these items in key exporting countries, have contributed to lower year-on-year domestic prices of white maize and red beans in March 2024.   

Country: El Salvador